Hello friends!! :)


I do know that I can't really get any credit for that, but boy!

How much fun I had ;D

I just bought this magical tool and I fell in love

I'd love to buy tons of shapes and then...Have fun lol :D



Here is THE thing :)


A Mini Tags Maker Tool <3

As soon as I found out the right lovely papers in my mess, I started to cut like crazy, friends,

and let me show you what I ended up with...

(You already saw it in the first pic, that's right, let's make believe you didn't ;))



Handmade Mini Gifts Tags



Et voilà!! :)


I had to literaly stop myself cutting lol...really addicting ;D

But who needs a million and a half pre-made gifts tags?!? 

It could be me...:D


See ya!!