Strawberries cake





Hi there!!

How are you all?!

Have you stepped into summer yet?!

I did :)

The sun is not really shining,or let's say the weather is seriously crappy sad,

so we'd better put a touch of color,at least, in our meals ;)


I pinned this cake a few days ago, and fell in love with what I saw.

Those little strawberry hearts, crispy white whipped cream, oatmeals in the process...that was for me!!

I gave it a go last sunday, for mother's day, and it was a great success.


I won't re-write you the recipe here, Anu did it perfect, go check it out and give it a try!!

I will tell you why I loved this cake, though, for you to have a better idea.

First, it's easy peasy.You can't fail it.Seriously.Can't.Can not.

Easy baking for the sponge cake ; cut it in two pieces; put whipped cream onto the first piece; put strawberries (cut top of them in a V shape to make hearts) onto whipped cream, put second piece of cake onto strawberries.


You're done, and have a charming little cake, perfect for summer, and that would totally make it for a neighbourhood party, even for a Birthday cake!

I have to tell, you'll need to take your gentle time to assemble it nicely, but it doesn't have to be too perfect to have a nice charming look, so...Easy Peasy again.

I stored it in the fridge for kinda three hours before we ate it and it was almost perfect.

Absolutely yummy.Fresh and yummy.Perfect.Summer.Cake.

The only thing I'll change/flip, is that I would soak the sponge cake, just a bit, with some strawberry syrup, for a smoothy effect,but it was very good as it was too.

Last but not least,the thing I love the most, is it's look.

It's a beautiful cake,that you can totally make even if you never baked before.

I wouldn't be ashamed to show case it at school for the end of the year for exemple ;)

Some times, you got a perfect recipe but the cake doesn't show so nicely in the end, even if tastes heaven.

This one tastes heaven, AND can totally SHOW CASE friends!!


 A big thank's to Anu from Nalle's House for sharing such a great recipe, and don't be shy, go check out her blog for more details about this sweety ;)

Have a lovely sunday!


See ya!!