Hi there!!

It's me!!! Again!! :D


Fridge cleaning is all done, yeah!!!

Today I'll dig into Adults Books and Kitchen Cookbooks & Recipes and then it will be handmade scrub making time with the kiddos (I live a glamourous life, I know :D Haha), but I wanted to show you some last makes before starting my working day ;)

House pillows :) I made those 3 for the moment, but I will create a bigger size as well, and they will also be available in different fabrics.

My inspiration came with these I spotted on Pinterest a while ago.I'm in love with them, seriously, aren't they adorable?! <3 

I just had to make them :)

They're approximately 35 cm high, 20 cm wide, are made of silvered milk linnen (roof) and France Duval Stalla  light pink & silver stars cotton.

They're filled with natural organic lambswool from here.

These cutties would be perfect for kids room, paired with a bigger one on the bed, or just on a chair, to keep it comfortable and cheerful :)

Two of them will be available in the shop along the day, as the other one has already found and reached it's home :)


Let me show you some more pics...








What do you think friends? Please, let me know ;)

Can't help myself but love them <3


I'm off for today, have yourself a fine little day my lovelies and take gentle care :)

See ya!!!